CIRTL Certificates are nationally recognized certifications that demonstrate a commitment to evidence-informed teaching and to centering and supporting learners (especially diverse learners) and mechanisms of learning in your teaching. A CIRTL Certificate is something you can put on your CV and LinkedIn profile, and we hope to someday soon be able to add this to your UMBC transcript.

Levels of Certificates



This initial level is the foundation of teaching and learning.

Associate Requirements:

  • 4 activities (workshops or courses) across topics on pedagogical practices
  • 1 additional activity (workshop or course) focused on Social Responsibility which can include any of the following:
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • Ethics
  • A teaching philosophy statement and Cover Letter

These activities can be offered by UMBC (CIRTL, Promise, Faculty Development Center), regional CIRTL partners (such as UMCP, JHU, or Howard University) and the national CIRTL network. These activities can be face-to-face or online.


Practitioner (Requires Associates Certificate)

The second level of CIRTL certification demonstrates deeper knowledge and skills in the methodologies and practices of quality teaching and learning.

Practitioner Requirements:

  • Associate certificate
  • 5 activities (workshops or courses) across topics on pedagogical topics
    • At least 2 activities demonstrating teaching experience or learning about educational research:
      • Any workshop on educational research/Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
      • Actual teaching experience
        • May be TA, guest lecture, or instructor of record
        • May be on UMBC campus or another college/university
        • May be face to face or online delivery
      • Planning Your Teaching as Research Project course (offered online at CIRTL.net or at UMBC)
    • At least 1 activity focused on diversity, diverse learners, or culturally responsive teaching and learning
  • Revised teaching philosophy statement


Scholar (Requires Practitioner Certificate)

This final level of CIRTL certification shows your commitment and experience in teaching and learning.

Scholar Requirements:

  • Practitioner Certificate
  • 3 activities on teaching and learning (more advanced topics are recommended)
  • Teaching experience as an instructor of record
  • Develop a teaching portfolio
  • Implement and present a final Teaching as Research Project
    • The presentation can be a poster at CIRTL all network TAR presentations or at a conference with a strand focused on teaching and learning
    • Publication of TAR project is highly desired


While you pursue any level of certificate, please contact the Director of CIRTL ( jmedof1@umbc.edu ) or a PROMISE staff member ( promisestaff@gmail.com ) if you want to be sure your selected activities will count toward certification.

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