CIRTL Network Offerings

Check here for interactive, synchronous, online learning experiences for graduate students and post-docs from CIRTL Network universities around the country. CIRTL Cross Network Courses

In addition to the courses, there are opportunities to participate in other CIRTL Cross Network Events ranging from CIRTLCasts to workshops to the Teaching-As-Research (TAR) Capstone Series.

CIRTL Massive Open Online Courses

  • Course 1: An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching is an open, online course designed to provide future STEM faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows with an introduction to effective teaching strategies and the research that supports them. The eight-week course aims to equip the next generation of STEM faculty to be effective teachers, thus improving the learning experience for the thousands of students they will teach.
  • Course 2: Advancing Learning through Evidence-Based STEM Teaching will provide graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) who are planning college and university faculty careers with an introduction to “teaching as research”—the deliberate, systematic, and reflective use of research methods to develop and implement teaching practices that advance the learning experiences and outcomes of both students and teachers. Participants will learn about effective teaching strategies, the research that supports them, and how to collect, analyze, and act upon their evidence of student learning.